Finding Your Focus: The Drishti Mala

One of our most recent creations was actually inspired by the weather changing (oh so abruptly) from the warm summer air to the brisk, sometimes frosty fall/winter air that we currently are experiencing. It seems as though these changes happened in the blink of an eye, but I'm sure that it could have been because the day-to-day grind has a way of taking us all out of the precious, pleasant moment. 

The mala of that I'm currently gushing over is one of my personal favorites, the Drishti mala. Coming out of the warm weather where things are sunny and bright, and heading toward an equally beautiful winter season brings about positive change but in a different way than it does in the summer season. Warm weather brings out an inner playfulness, excitement, the feeling that makes you want to come out of your box and express yourself in the most colorful way. For me, when the weather starts to change, not only am I physically turning inward by staying inside where it's warm, but it is also a time of reflection on myself and on the year that is coming to an end. This is the season for balancing light and dark, letting go, and accepting the impermanence of things. 

The Drishti mala Is very different from any of the others in the collection so many ways. It is solid in color unlike many others, reflective of the vibrational properties held by the Onyx stone in which it is comprised of. It is said that onyx is a soothing stone meant to help with alleviating fears and worries, and to help you feel comfortable within yourself as things are currently changing on a constant basis. Not only this, but it also is said to cultivate stamina and to encourage the making of wise decisions. The Onyx stone is a grounding gemstone, one that is invaluable to utilize in a time of the year where we look inward.

Why Drishti? What's that even mean? The word Drishti in Sanskrit translates to mean focused concentration to either a place somewhere within your mind or to an external place to set your gaze upon while in the practice of yoga. Grounding, concentration, focus. These are just a few intentions that I hold for myself personally at times of change. 

Change can have a negative connotation a lot of the time because it makes people feel uncomfortable, but I think it's important to look at change as a lesson on impermanence. Earlier on in the year we've had the opportunity to experience the budding of the flowers, the chirping of the new baby birds, basking in the beauty of nature in the warm sunlight. Change in the fall and winter seem have dismal qualities because all of that happiness seems to be leaving us, but watching it all go away (just for a little while) helps us to realize and to embrace that impermanence and change are inevitable and necessary. 

Let's all remember to take in these changes with open arms as they come and go like everything else in our lives. Embrace this time to look inward, to reflect on what was, and to have the same acceptance for what the future holds for each and every one of us. Now its time to grab your mala, get on your mat and get in touch with your best friend (you).