The Power of Perception

Handstand at the park. Things you can't do during wrist surgery.

What's up tribe?!

Long time no blogs, I know... its been a couple of weeks... eek! I've been trying to get at least one blog out per week for you all to read, but (and not to make excuses) life sort of threw me some curve balls.

Not really the time to get into all of the details, but it was definitely a time for some reflection. I'm not going to lie, although I do have the privilege to share my love for all things yoga, meditation, wellness, etcetera to the world on this wonderful platform... I am absolutely nowhere near being a guru. Not even one iota... but this is not a frustrating thing. This is what attracts me to this lifestyle! There is no endpoint, no end destination (although some may say that we may reach enlightenment... even so, when you feel as though you are at the highest attainment, there is still so much to learn... At that point we may share what we have experienced with a "student", and how many infinite things can we learn just by teaching?). We are always learning from others, educating ourselves, and always keeping an open mind. 

So, like I said, life handed me some lemons over the past few weeks. So, we make lemonade, right?! Much easier said than done, but I do strive to keep this mindset no matter what is thrown at me. I am going to list off a few of the things that kind of felt like a bitch slap from the universe. I will preface this list by saying that some things may sound a bit first-worldy. I've noticed this as I physically write it all down... Okay, here it goes:

1.) The sun literally is down by the time if get out of work (like I said, first-worldy). There are a bunch of problems with this for me. The main problem being that I now cannot train outside (I am an big time runner, and I'm currently training for a marathon and Olympic-distance triathlon this spring/summer) and I have come to loathe the treadmill. 

2.) Back at the end of October I opted to have surgery done on my wrist. Not anything life-altering, but also not a tiny surgery. Since I was a kid, I had a small-ish mass/cyst on my wrist which never bothered me until I got into working out on a daily basis, particularly when I practiced yoga. So this was a BIG damper on my daily life because I was struggling to do any pushing or pulling exercise whatsoever, and I had to stop practicing yoga for a few weeks until I made the decision to have the crazy thing removed. Having it removed was all on my mind, once its out I'm all good, right? Wrong! Don't forget that you need 8-12 weeks of NO WRIST STRAIN in order for it to heal. Obviously I followed my doctors orders, but what a huge bummer.

3.) I've also dealt with a few losses this year as far as family and friends go, which I am not used to. I have been blessed to have only had to grieve a few losses in my life, mainly when I was much younger. In 2017, I unfortunately lost a close relative and two friends. I deeply understand that this is just a part of the life cycle of every living thing on this planet, but my god is it tough to go through when you are not ready to let a loved one go.

So there you are! I am only going to drop those three negativity bombs here on this lovely blog. I did omit a few other things that have been weighing on my mind, but these are the worst... Or are they? 

There is always an alternative way of looking at a situation. I always remember that. But you must trust me that it hasn't always been that way. I've cultivated this mindset of positivity though hundreds of hours of meditation, thousands of yoga practices, countless books and hours spent learning about this divine way of being. I frequently get a sense that people do not understand the positivity and love that I try to exude at all times, and many even believe it to be annoying (this I do not speculate, people straight up tell me!) Call me crazy, but I believe that every situation can be manipulated in your mind to appear as something negative but in turn be a blessing in disguise. I mean, what is a crappy situation anyway? It's pretty much just a negative perspective on a neutral event... It just is what it is, an event, phenomena from the universe that had the opportunity to reach a lucky person (you), who perceived it to be good or bad. So let's rewind and start from the beginning... You are presented with a neutral event (we will test this on the three situations that I had gone through above).

1.) You have to train, get the miles in, so that you are ready for that 26.2 mile race that is just a few months in the future. Too Dark? Head to the gym, you can still run there! Hate the treadmill? Why? Because it seems as though you are running to nowhere? Well, it is still an opportunity to to get the miles in, see your friends at the gym, not freeze in the wintery weather, plus there are other options like the elliptical or stationary bike. Not into that positive option? If you can, take an hour break from work during the day and squeeze a few miles in! Even at a super slow pace, you can still get at least five miles in in that timeframe. 

2.) Wrist surgery blues got you down? Miss yoga and working out? In stead of yoga, try some new meditation techniques. Use this down time to refine a skill or learn something new! One thing that I did when I was unable to practice was delve into my nutritional health. I started following some super healthy vegans on YouTube like Simnett Nutrition, Jon Venus and Katherine Moen, Nimai Delgado, and Freelee, just to name a few. My love for the vegan movement and lifestyle never wavers, but when I listen to what these well-known vegans know, it really refreshes my enthusiasm. This doesn't have to be for veganism per se, either... it could be with anything!

3.) Then there is loss. Loss and grief may seem completely unbearable and unfair. Something that I've done through the years is meditate and contemplate my own death... I know, that sounds freaky and morbid, and why would I even say that out loud? Well, meditating on your own death and death itself truly leaves you feeling set up to make the most out of (and live) your best life. It makes you realize that every life is a complete serendipitous miracle and how am I even here anyway?! It make you feel so super small in this vast, endless universe that we are all floating through on this this watery rock we call Earth.

So how did I just turn the topic of death into something miraculous? Must be that "annoying" mentality that I have for positivity! It works to my advantage 100% of the time, I would definitely advise trying it sometime.

I am a firm believer that a shift in perspective can truly change the world. When deciding that a situation is good, bad, happy, sad, hilarious, maddening, sickening, just remember that there is no inherent value to the situation. It just is that.. a situation, phenomena, an event. It is a blank canvas to cast your perception onto. As the artist to the canvas of all of life's events, remember to come at them all from a place of love, light, and open-mindedness.