Thoughts, Dreams, Abundance & Manifestation

Where do dreams and ideas even come from?

This question can be a tricky one to answer because we have to first understand that our answer is so interwoven with our current state of self-worth. It is so easy, especially today, to get stuck in a mindset of placing ourselves below the abilities, creations, and beauty of others but this is only a mindset... A mindset that at any moment's notice, can dissolve all low self-worthand bring us back into an intuitive understanding of how beautiful and how

powerful we truly are.

We have to see the mindset for what it is;

Just something set in the mind in order for us to become the transcendence of that.

In order to know where our dreams and ideas come from we have to see them as

aspects of ourselves, and know that we are totally worthy of manifesting them

and sharing them with the world. From this perspective, we see (maybe just with

our energetic eyes) that there is nothing that we dream of that has not already

manifested in some dimension or another.

The fact that you're dreaming it means that it's there... It's available to you to use however you want.

To let go of or to manifest in your physical reality. When we begin to adopt this perspective and experience the magic of being alive in this way, we feel the overwhelming support and abundance from the universe; the space where we realize that our hopes and dreams is I n our intuition. To me, I define intuition as this space of unification, not just inside of ourselves, but all around us.

It is the marriage of the heart and the mind; of your shadow and of your light. It is the space of pure love within and all around us where everything seems to have already been written.

The abundance of the universe is totally available to us if only we would gift ourselves the chance to see that and to know that we are all so worthy of it.

When it comes to manifesting your ideas and your dreams, the way the things that want to come through, come to you through a very unique and personal intuitive experience and really only you can define. Only you know what that feels like for you and what it is that you need to do in order to make those things happen. If you're feeling stuck or out of alignment when it comes to manifesting your desired reality, then I encourage you to begin taking note of how your dreams and your ideas come to you and to also take note on where it is that you believe that they're coming from.

When you feel the inspiration pop through, allow yourself to take note of a few things and ask yourself:

  • What does this idea or dream feel like for me?

  • does it feel loving, exciting, educating? Or does it feel a little too self-deprecating, harmful unkind or all-too-familiar (meaning you've probably had to learn these lessons a few times before)?

  • What triggered this idea's appearance in my mind?

  • Where do I feel or believe that it's come from?

  • How does this dream serve me, and how does it serve others?

  • What step can I take in this very moment to help manifest this dream in my life?

  • (VERY important) How worthy do I believe that I am to make this dream come true?

It is imperative to note that this intuitive space is the same one that you operate from in moments of quick needed decision or action. Know that this place is not scary or unfamiliar to you at all... You operate from it, unknowingly, all day long. This is a very sacred space for you to silently and soulfully realize which dreams and ideas you want to manifest in your life and to see which ones need to let go of. Start to take note of the colors, shapes, people, places, and feelings that your dreams first conceptualized as in this space.

The more that you become friends with your thoughts and dreams, and the more

frequently that you enter into this space, the more comfortable and trusting you will feel when it comes to manifesting what you need in life.

Begin to experience your dreams as energetic aspects of you. Continue to give them your attention and the space for them to be expressed!

Life wants to flow through you.

So... let it!